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UKPAC welcomes new registrants following quarterly update

21 September 2012 Return to news listings

UKPAC is delighted to welcome The Rt. Hon. Sir Geoffrey Pattie and Caroline Flynn MacLeod of Terrington Management LLP as newly registered individuals on the UKPAC register.  Sir Geoffrey and Caroline have registered following UKPAC’s announcement that it was opening its register to individuals and organisations who were not currently members of the APPC or CIPR.  UKPAC is in discussions with other parties who have expressed an interest in registering since the announcement at the end of July.  UKPAC Chairman Elizabeth France said  “ We recognise that there is uncertainty around the government plans but the UKPAC register is an opportunity for those involved in lobbying to demonstrate what can be achieved voluntarily.  Individuals and organisations need to recognise this and make the move to register now.”

 UKPAC has today published a further quarterly update of its register which shows steady growth in registrants.  The register now has a total of 1536 individuals who appear as employees of lobby firms or are self-employed, with 387 organisations and 2178 clients listed.  Organisations listed with in-house individuals working in lobbying include public and regulatory bodies (ASA, The Electoral Commission), trade groups (BMA, Law Society, ICAEW and IoD), charities (Bowel Cancer UK, Age UK) and legal practices.

 For further information on UKPAC’s work or if you are interested in registering please contact Ann Austin at




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